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One does not simply turn a corner and vanish


On the way Cedric informed his friend about the morning’s affairs. He diligently avoided including anything about finding the ring, or his encounter in Thornwood. Such things could not be spoken about so openly, especially if he had been warned that he was being searched for as a result.

“A dragon!” his friend exclaimed. “And in the Averdale too! That is indeed a dark omen. Not forgetting, of course, that such a beast was being ridden by the land’s greatest adversary, the Talindors. And not only just a servant of House Talindor, but a Prince and the Captain of the Mithror! Oh Cedric, whyever does the Lady of the Talindors desire you specifically on her quest?”

“I do not know,” Cedric admitted. “I was not told any more, but rather to meet him at the Lonely Rock at dawn if I wished to join this ‘cause’ he mentioned. Then, as I was most confused, he disappeared.”

“Disappeared!” he cried. “Yet another thing I cannot understand! How could he, as you call it, ‘disappear’? One does not simply turn a corner and vanish into thin air, yet here you are telling me he did!”

Cedric ducked under a wild spear as a man handed them out to folk. “Vanished from sight? Yes, but vanish into thin air? Nay, while House Talindor is quite curious, it is certainly not affiliated with that kind of sorcery, of any sort. I believe that our man is still inside the walls of this city.” He scanned his eyes over the marketplace and up to the battlements on the wall. But alas, he noticed nothing. They continued talking about other things while they walked through the marketplace, ducking down a covered alley that led indirectly to a side door to the Inner Keep. The clamour grew muffled as the quiet path wound further, deeper, into the city.


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Huzzah!! I love your style of writing, Christopher! Great snippet! I look forward to reading more!


Lori Scharf
Lori Scharf
20 thg 6

I love your dialogue! You really made me feel the medieval setting without having to explicitly talk about the medieval setting.

Phản hồi lại

That's awesome to know! 😃 Thank you!


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