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I'm Christopher J. Watt.

I am a passionate young writer and creative designer from South Africa, now living in Australia. My goal is to not only write my own novels, but to inspire others to do the same, and at the best of their ability. 

Writing is an escape from the everyday. It gives people the chance to break away from the stresses of life and to retreat to a whole other world through their imagination. Unlike reading, writing allows everyone to not only escape to a new world, but to create it to be exactly how they'd like it. It is my goal to inspire, teach, and tell others about the importance of writing and how everyone can write the story they've always wanted to tell.

When I'm not writing stories and blog posts, I am often found drawing pieces of anthropomorphic animals, solving Rubik's cubes, swimming, honing my barista skills, or eating a whole jar of peanut butter with the help of my black Labrador Retriever, Shadow.


The Epic Story of America.

I have worked alongside the award-winning authors Jenny L. Cote and Libby McNamee, and many more aspiring writers, to create The Epic Story of America; a historical fiction trilogy focussed on the American Revolutionary War for Independence.
It debuted in September 2022 with The Epic Story of 1776's publication, and its sequel, The Epic Story of America: 1777-79 is now available too.

Book Trailers

In addition to writing parts of The Epic Story of America, I have created three book trailers for the marketing processes. All three book trailers have been officially published on YouTube.

View the OFFICIAL book trailer for The Epic Story of America: 1777-79 here on this page, or view all three on my official YouTube Author Channel.

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do something worth the writing.

~ Benjamin Franklin
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