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The Epic Story of
Benjamin Franklin
The Printer Who Saved America

Read a sneak-peek of what's to come!

I cannot believe your words, Mister tavern keeper! Your request is that I, a proud delegate

of the prestigious Second Continental Congress, lodge in the same bedroom as Doctor

Franklin? I am appalled!” John Adams cried, gesturing to his colleague, who was only a

few feet away. With a blocked nose, his voice sounded nasal, making Franklin smile smugly

to himself.

    The two men had been forced to travel together to Staten Island, New York, when British

Loyalist Admiral Richard Howe had requested a conference to discuss peace between the

colonies and Great Britain. A friend of the Howe family, Benjamin Franklin had been allowed to attend, along with the surly John Adams to make sure that Franklin didn’t seek unnecessary peace with the controlling empire. When they arrived in New Brunswick, they were astonished to find that every tavern and inn was full.

    “I am afraid so, good sir,” the desperate tavern keeper replied. The Indian Queen Tavern in New Brunswick was full to the point of bursting and only one room was left. Delicious meals, soft linen, and even discounted lodging he had offered, but Adams refused to share a room with Benjamin Franklin. As an amusing thought came to mind, the tavern the keeper smiled mischieviously. “There is, of course, my stable outside…?”

    “ARE YOU INSANE?” Adams didn’t catch the joke, and would have fallen off his chair were he sitting on one. “Absolutely not! I shall not condem myself to such a spiteful and derogatory experience! Instead, I shall withdraw my complaints and take this room of yours, Mister tavern keeper.”

Coming May 2024!

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