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Cedric Pendragon is a knight who prefers the comfort of home. But a malicious beast has ravaged and taken control of Norchester Fief. And when Cedric discovers a mysterious artefact in a dark forest, he doesn't realise the ancient legacy he has just stumbled upon. As he is suddenly thrown into the chaotic world of good vs evil, Cedric's duties change from fixing a riot problem, to saving the land from the reign of a power-hungry lord with a sinister plan. 

Flaming Sword

th e beAst

of Norch esteR

The kingdom is at war. But nobody knows it. 

A malicious beast is terrorising the city of Norchester.

And when a young knight stumbles across a piece of the ancient legacy of the Dragons, it becomes his duty to end its reign of terror and bring truth back to the land.

Cover Design Ideas

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CP coverIDEA3.png
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